Gehry & Arnault : 8 things to know about Fondation Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Foundation has opened on October 27th, in a “cloud-glass” vessel designed by superstar architect Franck Gehry. Spreading over 4 000 m2 in the North of Bois de Boulogne, the 11 galleries Foundation is hosting a permanent collection, temporary exhibitions and a 400 seats auditorium. It hopes to attract over 700 000 visitors per year.


 fondation LVMH franck gehry angela


Spreading over 4000 m2 of floors, the Foundation is 40m high and 150m wide. To realize this tremendous building,
30 patents have been registered.



fondation LVMH franck gehry angela

According to Vinci group, costs of construction have largely exceeded the €100 million announced by Bernard Arnault. It would raise over €500 million…




fondation LVMH franck gehry angela


The Foundation is located in a place owned by Paris municipality, near the Jardin d’acclimatation. Property rights will get back to Paris in 50 years old – Then just in time to pay for the renovation works.

louis vuitton fondation minibus

Antonia Chang, fashion Director of Billionnaire magazine (China), in the LV minibus to reach Franck Gehry official restrospective exhibition at Centre pompidou. Pic Arthur castillon


Simultaneously, a retrospective of architect Franck Gehry – 85 years old – has been launched at National Museum Centre Pompidou

fondation LVMH franck gehry angela

In 2006, the creation of Louis Vuitton Cultural Space above the Champs Élysées flagship has made it possible the store to open on sundays (which is usually forbidden in France)

fondation LVMH franck gehry press conference

October 17th, International press Visit : Franck Gehry explains that 30 patents have been made to build this modern castle



The foundation represents a source of international visibility thanks to the media coverage generated. Through this great communication medium, Louis Vuitton strenghtens its brand image as creative, dynamic and democratized…

fondation LVMH franck gehry grotto

Olafur Eliasson, « Inside the Horizon », 2014 – This Icelandic artist has designed a kaleidoscope passage called « le Grotto ». Living a multisensorial experience, the visitor is strolling here between the lightening columns made of mirrors and mosaics panels.


Voted in 2003, Aillagon Law about corporate sponsorship ensures for French societies a tax reduction equal to 60% of the amount of their donation – within the limits of 5/1000 of their sales

fondation LVMH franck gehry bertrand lavier empress of india II

Bertrand Lavier, « Empress of India II », neon tubes, 2005 The artist has adapted the paintings of American painter Franck Stella in a lightening version, using neon tubes.


Since 2005, Bernard Arnault has been the richest man of France ($50 billion) as LVMH main actionnaire and C.E.O.

fondation LVMH franck gehry ellsworth kelly blue diagonal purple curve

Ellsworth Kelly, « Blue Diagonal Purple Curve in Relief », oil on canvas, 2009

Christian Boltanski, « 6 septembre », video, 2005 – Born on September 6th, the artist mixed video archives from events which all have occured a 6 of september (between 1944 & 2004). Boltanski reinterprets personal & collective memories.

© Pictures & text Angela Perigot – October 2014